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Am gasit o aplicatie care permite vizionarea continutului de pe - pentru cei care nu stiu, este o platforma de live streaming dedicata sporturilor electronice (eSports) - mai pe romaneste, jocuri pe pc.

Daca stiti ce este sau DeamHack in mod clar stiti despre ce vorbesc. Daca nu, cititi aici : | | .

sursa : ... martTV-App

Detalii :

Are you sick of watching Twitch streams on a monitor when your large Samsung Smart TV is unused? Tired of hooking HDMI cable from your PC or external devices (like Android mini-PC's)?

I hate it too! So I've made my first contribution into Smart TV development. Here is an app to solve this problem.

Only works on Samsung Smart TV's

Software is provided as is but as far as I understand it works on majority of modern models.

Project on Github

Installation (Repeat to update)
Make sure your TV is connected to the internet.

On your TV, go to Menu->Smart Features->Samsung Account and type name "develop".

Then go to SmartHUB, click "More Apps" button, then click "Options" button and choose "IP Setting", enter '' and finally choose "Start App Sync" option. TwitchTV app has to be installed now.

For 2014 models "More apps" button might be absent, if so try: long press the enter button on any app, then the menu will pop up, select IP Settings, put in the IP, then long press enter again and then Start User Apps Sync.

For models released before 2013 you might want to use these instructions instead: From the SmartHUB main screen, click the "Tools" button on the remote. Only from the "Tools" menu, navigate to "Settings", and from there to "Development". (You still have to be logged in as 'develop')

If you are getting Render Error
Render error is popped when TV software doesn't support quality option you are trying to watch.
Source quality is different on each stream so your tv might support it on a stream and giving error with another one. There is nothing I can do about it.
Low, Mid, High are same on every stream so if one of them is working/not working for you on a stream it will/will not work on any other.
TL;DR If you are getting render error try playing around with the quality.

How to change quality
Open panel - left or (when panel is closed) center buttons
Switch quality options - (when panel is open) channel up & down buttons, or 1 & 4 buttons
Confirm quality change - (when panel is open) center button
Hide panel - right or back buttons. (if you press back when panel is hidden player will close)

3.3: Older models support (fixed only black screen, logo and tooltip problem), added another way to switch quality (NUM 1 - up, NUM 4 - down)
3.2: UI fixes and improvements
3.1: Initial localization
3.0: Features quality selection and updated UI


Eu am testat pe un televizor seria F si merge fara probleme (mai putin functia "Open" - butonul C)

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