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Re: Recomandare server DLNA

Mesajde boyjaat209 » 07 Apr 2020, 10:38


So my company is building/upgrading a lab/test environment and we need to get a 1 or 2U server for fairly cheap. Normally for our customers we get whatever new Dell server fits their needs with all the bells and whistles and warranties, but this is for us and won't be under heavy load or need any sort of high availability.

I was researching some referb Dell R710s but they seem very pricey for what you get. Do any of you guys or gals have any good info or resources to pass along on where I could get a cheap decent server? Really the only requirements are some sort of OOB/LOM management and space for 8 or so drives and some hardware RAID that will support 3 or 4 TB drives. Warranty support isn't really necessary and neither is the manufacturer, although I'd like to stay away from HPE and their crummy warranty/firmware policy.

This will finally be replacing our PE2950 that just isn't really up to the task anymore. As always, thank you for taking the time to help out! MOVIES

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